Extreme Savers: Weird Ways to Save Money

Saving up money and being frugal are good practices that people have. It allows for a life lived comfortably and debt-free. And there are many ways to be practical with your money such as automatically allocating a portion of your monthly salary into savings, or finding ways to cut down food expenses by cooking instead of going out, or going early to work to save time and money on traffic. However, for some people, saving up by doing such things are never enough. They do things that are, for most people, extreme to the point of bizarre. We’ve listed some of these things. See if you can categorize them as saving up or endangering yourself.

1) Garbage Picking
Leading the pack of weird stuff people do to save up is garbage picking. In this bizarre activity, people find landfills full of garbage to scavenge for food or clothes or stuff, anything that they can reuse. Garbage picking has actually become somewhat like a profession with people scheduling their pickings and developing skills to quickly identify the useful from the worthless.

What people who participate in these activities usually do is first identify the garbage dump that potentially hold reusable food or things. Some prime targets are the garbage of grocery malls, garbage of bakeries, garbage of department stores, and the garbage of factories. These locations are goldmine for the garbage pickers as these places throw out day old food and other stuff that are still good but is only either outdated or no longer relevant to the owners.

The obvious reason that garbage picking is borderline crazy is, of course, because of the health issues. These things were gotten rid of by their owners and the place where they put it is the place known for being the one of the dirtiest in the world.

2) Pet Perks
Do you have a pet? The pet owners on this list have come up with ingenious but mostly disturbing ways to save money with regards to owning a pet.

a) Eating Pet Food
Let’s go ahead and get this over with: some people eat pet food to save up. You heard that right. People open their mouth put dog food and cat food food there, chew them, and then swallow. You might wonder who in their right mind was the first one to try it but sadly you will keep wondering especially that this practice is still ongoing. Well, we don’t know how this will save you money given the cost of pet food.
b) Toilet Training
Let’s knock it down a notch and see how toilet training your pet will save you money. By teaching your pet to use the loo, you save the money you’re supposed to use on cat litter and pet waste bags. It might be a little difficult to do this however, especially for cats but with a little dedication, we’re sure you’ll pull this off.
c) Fur Knitting
And now back to the wonderful world of bizarre ways to save up: knit the fur of your pet. This is actually something people do and even have clubs for. In fact there is a book out there legitimately entitled as “Knitting with Dog Hair” published in the year 1997. This has been going almost a decade ago and it is still going on. Sell these weirdly endearing product and who knows, maybe you’ll hit it big.

3) Hoarding
Hoarding is the act of accumulating stuff during times of scarcity. For example, stocking food or clothes in times of a big sale or a big discount. This appears to be a perfectly practical behavior for people to have so what’s so bizarre about hoarding? Well, simply setting aside a number of needed items for future use and saving up is all good and well but it could turn nasty quickly. Hoarding has actually become a disorder that people suffer from. The desire to keep things even if unneeded because of emotional attachment are strong in them. So stocking up on a few items is good but going overboard might merit a trip to a professional. Be careful!

4) Stealing
Not that kind of stealing. Stealing things that have been left behind or given to things that don’t really care if they got stolen. Example: stealing flowers from cemeteries to sell on the sidewalk for couples to give to each other. It’s a bit sick to get or give flowers that has been offered to the dead but what you don’t know won’t hurt you. And besides it’s better that some people got to benefit from it. Right? No? Okay. Another example: stealing from wishing wells. If you can stomach swimming in dirty water and greatly endangering yourself, go ahead. Unless it’s private property, of course.

5) Friendship Deals
Do you have lots of friends and a thick face? Then maybe getting money from spamming them is the job for you. Make money by simply being a nuisance to your friends. Either you don’t mind getting blocked by your friends or you and your friends are simply too understanding so it doesn’t even matter if you fill their messages with useless ads. Go for it. Make an extra cash.

6) Getting Rid of Hygiene
Here a pro tip on saving money and becoming smelly at the same time: forego hygiene. Skip the shower and let your natural essence seep in through your skin. Don’t mind the people who cover their noses or the nest of spiders in your hair. You’ll surely save up by conserving power and water in not taking a bath, not changing clothes, and not cleaning yourself.