5 Jobs You Shouldn’t Take Right Now

There are thousands of jobs around the world that must be done. And you, as a citizen of the world, must do your part to make a living by pursuing a job. You might be an artist, an entrepreneur, a corporate slave as they call it, or a even trader. However, not all jobs are created equal. Some jobs that were previously in demand and are high-paying had become outsourced and devalued. The following five jobs are just examples of jobs you are better off avoiding rather taking on and being paid below your worth.

At the beginning of technological advancement, programmers were in demand and were paid high. Back then, programming courses weren’t as established and as extensive than today. Over the years, the proliferation of technology advancement became prominent. People understood that computer programs were the next big thing. Courses about computer language programming were expanded. Everyone acquired their own personal computers. And not long after, the world has welcomed the technological age with open arms.
Currently, computer programming has become a widespread phenomenon. It can now be easily outsourced and no longer in demand. And frankly, you’re better off searching for the next innovation or being a master at computer programming.

Telephone Operator
Let’s face it, this is another job being slowly eroded by the rise of more advanced technology. Everyday, more and more people forgo a landline because of the internet, smartphones, and cellphones. And if a company needs telephone operators, it would be simply easier to outsource them.

Typists are becoming more and more obsolete as computer literacy rises. Basic computer skills are now instilled into children even at a very young age that’s why the job of typists to become the middle for people and computers are slowly being eliminated.

Medical Transcriptionists
The demand for medical transcriptionists are quickly declining as electronic-based records are more preferred by doctors nowadays. Doctors can also pay a much lower price for outsourcing a medical transcriptionist rather than paying one locally.

Billing Clerk
If the previous jobs were being outweighed by their low cost, overseas counterparts, than billing clerks are being replaced by the more efficient robots. Automated technology has been slowly taking over several jobs and one of them is being a billing clerk. People can now pay the bills all by themselves using technology.