Buy Happiness in 5 Ways

“Money can’t buy happiness”

Perhaps almost every single person in this world is aware of this famous saying.

However, this saying is only true in a certain sense. One of them is that we can’t keep having more and more money and expect happiness by simply acquiring more and more. Money really can’t buy happiness if all you ever do is spend it to make more.

Another way that this idiom is true is that you use the money to buy things that don’t make you happy such as popular things that you just bought because everybody bought one but it was ultimately useless to you.

Buying things that only create more problems is also another way that money cannot buy happiness. For example, you bought a second hand car while having no driving knowledge nor a garage. Sometimes we buy into things that only causes us more pr

For most people though, the meaning of this saying is that happiness is something that can’t have a price tag such as love, friendship, and living in the moment. It says that no matter the status of life, whether you’re a multi-millionaire or a beggar on the street, you can afford happiness because it is not bought by money. This is true in essence however, it is also true that it is easier to be happy if you have had a full meal, if you get a good sleep, and if you can buy ice cream.

Money can buy happiness and here’s five ways how.

1) Buy A Good Gadget
We live in a world where technology has become a necessity. It covers communication, socialization, business, entertainment, education and all kinds of other activities. And you must admit, one of the things that grind your nerves and puts a frown in your face is a bad gadget experience. Whether your phone or laptop is taking too long to load or keeps crashing on you, it is hindering you from using your gadget and doing your activities efficiently. Buy a good gadget so it won’t be another source of stress for you. So that instead of you frowning from dealing with a faulty gadget, you would be happy in doing the stuff you need to do on your gadget.

2) Buy a comfortable bed
A good night’s sleep is one of the key to happiness. Sleeping well entails a lot of good consequence. One of them is that you’ll wake up in a better mood as compared to sleeping on an itchy and uncomfortable bed. Another is that you’ll have better health. Having ample sleep means you have more time to regenerate and heal your body’s needs. Find a bed that suits you so you can dream good at night and pursue your dreams first thing in the morning.

3) Travel
Travel. Travel anywhere with anyone, anytime. One of the best way to spend your money and find happiness is to explore the world. It is also a good way to get to know what different cultures, places, and people have to offer you. It is a way to get to know yourself better and what really makes you happy. Travel and be free from routine.

4) Pay for good food
When you are fed well, you have the energy and the right outlook to take on life. Good food is the way to a good life. And if you’re not worried about your health, you are already happier than most of the people battling illnesses.

5) Learn A New Skill from a Legitimate Teacher
Learning something new from a professional ensures that what you learn is legitimate and authentic. What will make you happy here is realizing your potential. The more you learn, the wider your opportunities are to do things that you want such as cook, or paint, or write.