Eight Ways You Can Invest Outside the Financial Market

Having an investment is one of the growing trends in the recent decades. Whether you have money lent out through bonds, or you buy and sell stocks, or you have a mutual fund, or any other common kind of investment, it is surely something to be financially be assured about. However, there are people who have invested time and money not on the traditional investments but on things that surpass the desire of financial security. These investments were made not only because of money but also because of passion. And like conventional investments, these things increase value over time and might even be better for your savings. See the different kinds of investments beyond what is on the financial market and maybe you too can hit it big with these.

1. Becoming a Collector
You’ve heard of toy hobbyists, connoisseurs for antiques, and of course, stamp collectors. All of these are people who invest on things that can be collected given, of course, that such items are proven authentic and rare. Collectibles can prove to be profitable because their worth only goes up through time. It takes skills to be a collector because many people are out there that want to profit even at the cost of fooling people. That’s why if you’d like to try your hand at investing in collectibles, then be sure you know your items well.

2. Devoting Your Money to Good Old Stamp Collecting
Perhaps the most famous (and not to mention lucrative) form of collection is that of postage stamps. It has a high potential of profit if you know what to look for in these little rectangles. The value of postage stamps come from their historical significance and geographical aspects. Learning the craft of it and a sharp eye for detail is also a must if you plan to make it a living.

3. Investing on Classic Cars
If you’re one of those people who’s got the time and especially the money to find and invest classic cars, then consider being a car collector. There is a large market for car enthusiasts that are out to find the rarest and most classic cars. There are even markets for other cars such as micro cars, brand specific cars and muscle cars. If you have a passion for cars then try your hand at car collection. It has the potential to give high rates of return.

4. Owning a Racehorse
Horse racing is one of the oldest sport in history and it has stood the test of time. A lot of people consider horse racing as one of the best betting games despite the allure of cards and slot machines. As an investor, owning your own racehorse is a great potential for profit because of the high returns on winning races and studding fees.

5. Locating War Memorabilia
People are, apparently, highly sentimental. One of the most active markets out there are dedicated to war memorabilia. It is understable, of course, because owning a part of history entitles you respect and idolatry. Despite the activeness in this market and the promise of high returns, locating such items, especially rare and significant ones are quite difficult so if you’re up for the challenge then go for it.

6. Appraisal of Precious Stones and Other Gems
Owning precious stones and other gems is similar to owning stocks. While they maintain their value at a usually high price, it fluctuates depending on market conditions. This is why owning them and waiting for the right time to appraise them is a game of patience and strategy. You can get high returns from them if you play your cards right.

7. Finding Rare Literature
The quest for the rare and classic also extends to literature. Books and comics have their own active markets respectively, the former sought for scholarly purposes while the latter for entertainment. Finding first edition of books and classic comics in mint condition can yield a fruitful revenue.

8. Pursuing a life As a Wine and Spirit Connoisseur
While it is common belief that aged wines and whiskies stored in casks are tradition and business that only prominent families can afford, modernization has allowed this investment to become a formal investment business with investors putting money in private wine funds. Although it promises luxury and of course an exquisite glass of wine, experts say that the guarantee of high returns for this investment has not been as lively as other investments on this list.

The key to investing in non-traditional things is to find an item that is rare and which is in mint condition to be sold to the right market. Anyone can invest even if it is not in the financial market as long as he or she has the time, the skill, the will, and the capital.