How Politics Affects the Forex

The Forex is more than just a market where traders can profit. It is an integral part of the world economy without which it would be severely handicapped and would likely struggle to grow further.

This is because multinational companies and governments alike make use of the Forex countless time each day to support their businesses and expand their markets. Since economies and the Forex are closely linked with each other, it makes sense to say that whenever anything happens to one of them, the other will be affected as well.

One of the most common catalysts for change in both a country’s economy and its currency is politics. More specifically, political unrest and the uncertainty that arises from it are two of the largest factors that can pull down the prospects of economies and currencies.

Political unrest comes it many forms. It can be as big as an uprising, weather violent or peaceful, where civilians or minority groups attempt to form their own government or as commonplace as an election of a new president, prime minister, or any other high official. In these examples, the main culprit is the uncertainty over what will happen in the coming days, weeks, or months. When uncertainty rules the market, business groups and industries have to act more cautiously or else they risk putting their assets on a market that will suddenly plunge down.

When events that affect the stability of a country, region,  or even just a market happen, attempting to find out which direction they will head towards becomes extremely difficult and highly speculative, leading investors to be hesitant in participating. Then, with interest and demand for the goods and services of a country undergoing unrest declining, its economy is likely to record minimal growth which leads to a similar downward trend for its currency.

As a Forex trader, make sure that you are always on top of developments surrounding the major economies around the world, especially the ones you most actively traded in. Besides from giving you information to make profits, it could save you the stress of wondering why your trade failed.