How Using Humor Can Help Thais Get Rich

Do you have a good sense of humor? Then earn money from it! Get rich just by making jokes and having a generally good time. We have compiled ways for Thais to take advantage of their funny talents and make easy.

Become a Comedian
Perhaps the most obvious way that you can make money using your funny personality is becoming a comedian. A common trait of jokesters is confidence. They are funny without even trying. That’s why we think that being a comedian can bring you big bucks if you tried.

Try the entertainment business by either doing stand-up comedy in bars and events or becoming an actor and take over the TV screens. You can do this by practicing your piece and mostly auditioning for shows and movies. If you’re persistent enough with a real talent for making people laugh, you can be on your way to stardom.

Become an Author
Authors have big potential in making big bucks if they have humor. David Sedaris, Scott Adams, Bill Watterson, Woody Allen, Terry Pratchett, Dr. Seuss, and Mark Twain are all famous authors who specialized in comedy. And it made them millions.

Here’s how you can write funny and earn money. Write for a newspaper or become an author and compile your humor. You can also become a comic artist and produce your own book. Or become a scriptwriter for sitcoms.

Become an Entrepreneur
The most straightforward way you can earn money is start a business and sell merchandise. Put witty jokes or funny lines or happy pictures onto a wide variety of products including t-shirts, bags, mugs, stickers, and all sorts of stuff. It has been proven that people always need a good laugh and that they are willing to buy this stuff.

Become a Contributor
If you think that your humor is not enough to build an enterprise on but enough to make most of the people laugh, then become a contributor and earn extra cash. You can submit your jokes on famous publications such as Reader’s Digest.

There are so many ways to earn money by being funny. You just have to be smart while joking around.