Living a Quality Life for Less the Price – Part II

Here is the second part of free stuff you can take advantage of.

Everything comes with a price. The food you eat, the clothes you wear, the services you avail, all of them you have to pay for. The truth is living a normal daily life costs money. However, saving money doesn’t mean that you should stop using these products. You don’t have to deprive yourself of experiencing the better things in just because you don’t have money. That’s why we’ve researched ways you can avail of practically anything without having to open up your wallet. Look at this list and start your journey towards a life that is cheaper but not any worse in quality.

Education and Profession

Tuition Fee Assistance and Scholarships
Perhaps one of the best aides in life is having your tuition paid for or having a scholarship that covers the cost of schooling. However, many scholarships have strict requirements such as the financial status, high IQ, and special conditions. And if you do not fall under any of these categories, then you’re tempted to skip collegiate school altogether. Don’t fret, there are alternatives. Many schools offer free college education with lenient requirements. For example, Alice Lloyd College in Kentucky offers free tuition in exchange for work hours. In Missouri, College of the Ozarks also asks only for work hours to offset the cost of their student’s college education. You can also opt to find schools that offer big discounts to locals. Visit and check out the colleges that offer scholarships. Also, take note of grants given by the federal government and the department of higher education of states.

Grad School
For people seeking higher education but don’t have the time nor money to support this endeavor, you might just want to ask your employer. According to a survey done by the Society for Human Resource Management in 2014 has found that an estimated 50% of companies in their list offer grad school assistance while 54% offer assistance for undergraduate education. Usually, availment of this benefit requires the employee to remain with the company while maintaining a grade on their education. There’s no harm in asking so find out if you have that option in your company.

If you’re not out to get a full degree due to some reason and another but still want to keep learning then you may want to get free classes, you only have to do a bit of research and be disciplined about your educational ethics. The ushering in of the digital age has made sure that most, if not all, has a website online. Find the school’s website that you are interested in and chances are they have free online classes or their course material will be available there. Check out and see compiled open courseworks. Other material online include free lectures, tutorial, and videos from universities across the country.

Educational Apps
One more thing that technology has made easy for everyone is the acquirement of education through smartphones, tablets, and pcs. Today, all kinds of applications are available from music to social media to fitness and even education. Teach your technology addicted kids through applications such as iTooch, MeeGenius, Blanks, and Khan Academy. Subjects range from math, science, and vocabulary.

Language Lessons
Language lessons are expensive and not to mention time consuming but today, all you need is a laptop and an earphones and you’re ready to learn a new language. The internet offers numerous applications and websites that teach comprehensive language lessons for free. They even have mobile apps so you can learn even if you’re travelling from and to work or exercising so you have the time on your hands. offers a list of language lessons on the internet which you can download to your device.

Creating Resume and Applying for Jobs
The employment field today has become so competitive that sometimes it all comes down to your presentation of yourself through your resume, interview skill, and job searching techniques. If you want to maximize your employment opportunities, you can go ahead and find the nearest One Stop Career Center near you. It is a career service developed and provided by the US Department of Labor that aims to help people who are trying to find internships, people who are finding work for the first time after graduating in college, and people who want to take a different career path. The center offers help in creating resumes, developing interview skills, job training programs, optimizing your job search methods, arranging on-the-job training, and setting up apprenticeships with employers.


Portfolio Analysis
If you are an owner of a portfolio then have you can have it analyzed for free. See if your list of investments are diversified enough, balanced enough and profitable enough for your financial lifestyle. Go to the Instant X-Ray Tool over at and have your portfolio checked.

Retirement Plan
Plan your retirement for free by visiting and have your future retirement income and expenses estimated so you can prepare accordingly. After planning out your retirement, Fidelity will then suggest the most appropriate investment strategy to keep you afloat through inflation.

If you’re interested in stocks, forex, or any form of investment then you can now keep track of the financial market smartly and for free. The Bloomberg app allows you get access to updated stock quotes, market events, and other stock news. Yahoo Finance, meanwhile, keeps you updated to every happening in the markets with news, videos, and articles. You can also go ahead and check out Robinhood if you are a trader that wants to pay less. They charge no commissions for buying and selling over 5,000 US-listed securities. Plus, there are no minimum balance requirements. If you’re into mutual funds, Morningstar offers instant mutual funds research.

Budgeting and Keeping Track of Finances
As we go through our daily lives, we have to juggle different tasks and what’s more daunting than keeping up with various financial tasks? Luckily, our smartphones are indeed smart enough to provide us with financial apps that lets us budget and keep track of our money accurately. Check out these following apps for your financial management: Mint, HomeBudget, Expensify, and GoodBudget. Track your expenses, save your receipts, search for the nearest surcharge-free ATMs, get coupons, and a whole lot more. It is amazing what you can do with your smartphone to optimize your finances today.

Next week, we shall continue to delve in the world of free stuff to covers food and travel. Until then, do your research because there are more free things out there than you think, you just have to be attentive.