Living a Quality Life for Less the Price – Part III

Everything comes with a price. The food you eat, the clothes you wear, the services you avail, all of them you have to pay for. The truth is living a normal daily life costs money. However, saving money doesn’t mean that you should stop using these products. You don’t have to deprive yourself of experiencing the better things in just because you don’t have money. That’s why we’ve researched ways you can avail of practically anything without having to open up your wallet. Look at this list and start your journey towards a life that is cheaper but not any worse in quality.


Nowadays, as exercise and healthy living becomes a norm, the demand for fruits has never been more pronounced. However, fruits are quite frankly, expensive. And unless you have an orchard or a field for growing your own fruits, chances are you’d resort to the pricey lot at the grocery store. That’s why we’re here to help. is a group of urban foragers that created an interactive map where you can see the nearest places to you where you can harvest your own fruits, vegetables, nuts, and herbs that grow in public lands.

Birthday Treat
Is it your birthday? Then fill your car with gas and get ready to food store hop as most restaurants, diners, and bars offer special treats for the birthday celebrant. Mostly, these places give you birthday cakes, or dessert, or their signature food, or coupons for future use, or even free food with accompanying performance. Some of these stores may require you to subscribe to their respective mailing lists or even join a club but these are usually minor conditions.

Get free food from your favorite restaurants by waiting for promotions and special events. There is a big chance that your local food place will put up a big promotional event to let their brand be known. Holidays such as the place’s anniversary, Mother’s Day, Veteran’s Day, Christmas, and Valentines usually are the hot times to get free food. As a start, here are some famous events where they give free food.

March – National Pancake Day (IHOP)
April – Tax Day (Great American Cookies)
May – Mother’s Day (Shoney’s, Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt)
June – Donut Day (Krispy Kreme, Dunkin Donuts)
November – Veteran’s Day (Lone Star Steakhouse, Chili’s, and Applebee’s)

Research your favorite restaurant and see if you can score a meal for free.


Travel Apps
Technology doesn’t only do wonders on communication, finance, entertainment, and making your daily life easier, it also helps in your travels. Download free travel apps on your smartphone and save time and money by using apps such as Last Minute Travel app that allows users to gain access to hotels across over 150 countries at their wholesale prices and discounts on different activities, Waze to know the traffic information wherever you may be, and Yelp to get reliable reviews on shops, restaurants, and other establishments.

Airlines have reward programs that lets flyers get free airplane tickets if they ride frequently enough and collect enough miles. can show you some of the programs available in some airlines and the rules and promos included. If you’re a traveler, take advantage of this opportunity and you might see your next flight as a free vacation to anywhere in the world.

Tour Guide
One of the most expensive things in travelling, especially if you’re a tourist in an unfamiliar country, is getting a tour guide. Luckily for you, the Global Greeter Network arranges for volunteers to gather and tour different tourists in several cities for free. There is even a strict no-tipping policy so you can go ahead and ask questions, get exclusive information, and befriend the guides without the looming awkward payment transaction at the end of the tour. Meanwhile, for those who are adventurers and want to explore cities on their own, they can get free audio tours in and even on

Hotel Freebies
If you’re travelling, make sure you are getting your money’s worth and then some more. Be smart and research the hotel that you have rented and see if it comes with freebies such as wi-fi, breakfast, gym, pool access, parking, etc. It’s these little things that usually go overlooked that sometimes take the biggest toll on your pocket. For help, check out to see a comprehensive list of hotel database and their corresponding perks.

Hotel Stays
Want to get not only hotel freebies but also the hotel stay itself? Well, be smart and check out these surprisingly easy ways to score a free hotel stay. One of them is by accumulating points by frequently staying at a hotel and availing of their loyalty program. If you gather enough points, you’ll get a free hotel stay and other cool discounts. If you don’t want to be tied down to only one hotel, you can try Stash Hotel Rewards. They will give you free nights if you stay in any of the participating 150 hotels, inns, and resorts across 100 cities. Meanwhile,’s Welcome Rewards Program lets their clients have a free stay in the hotel of their choice if they book through the website under certain conditions.

Skip on paying hotel fees, inn rates, and any lodging price by doing any of these suggestions. allows you to stay at a house of a local for free. Although it poses a threat, couch surfing has become a popular trend. They do imply various security measures such as reviews, messaging systems, and references for the guest to check out the host. As payment, you can have your place be a couchsurfing option as well. Just register on the site and check out the places available near your intended destination. Meanwhile, for the less adventurous and the more practical, you can actually go ahead and join a house sitting or exchange home program. This will let you to have a home anywhere there is a member. All you have to pay is the membership fee and you’re good to go. Lastly, you can go ahead and go the extra mile and help around to get not only free lodging but also free food. World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOF) take in tourists into organic farms all over America for free with the only condition being they help out around the farm for a little time.

Food and travel are some of the most costly things in the world today and knowing some tips to cut down on expenses can go a long way to save up without having to compromise experience. Remember to always research before spending on anything so you’ll know if you’ll get your money’s worth.