Money Sayings in Thailand and Other Countries

“Money can’t buy happiness”

This saying is a popular quote often used by people to comfort themselves of the fact that they don’t have money. Just kidding. Joking aside, it’s a maxim that tells you that happiness isn’t found in material things but in the experience of life such as hearing music, loving and being loved back, watching the sunrise tasting your favorite food, and other life experiences.

Money sayings are something that transcend cultures because money affects everyone regardless of their race. While describing the relationship between human and money is complicated, different cultures around the world have created entertaining and brilliant sayings that holds true, most of the time. Know them below.

The Saying: “ขนหน้าแข้งไม่ร่วง”
The Translation: Without Shin Hairs Falling Off
The Meaning: If you manage to go on vacation without your shin hairs falling off then it simply means that you are a relatively well-off person. The saying implies that spending money is not a big deal to you. So we guess, shin hairs are money and your leg is your wallet.

Egypt & Saudi Arabia
The Saying: “راجل اخطبوط ”
The Translation: To Be an Octopus
The Meaning: If you think of an octopus and compare it to a person, you might think of someone being spineless or a coward, or someone who can change colors accordingly or adapt. However, the feature of the octopus that Egyptians and Arabians get from them are their tentacles. To be an octopus means to be a rich, corrupt businessman who reaches its tentacles in the wallets of innocent people.

The Saying: “Tener más lana que un borrego”
The Translation: More Wool Than a Lamb
The Meaning: Having more wool than a lamb means having more money than what you can spend it on. Thais understand this saying better perhaps because they value silk as Swedes value wool.

The Saying: “ねこ に こばん”
The Translation: Give a Cat a Gold Coin
The Meaning: This saying means that you have given a person something valuable but they can’t appreciate it. This is understable because cats are generally jerks.

It turns out that money connects us beyond transactions. Getting to know how cultures treat money is a great way of understanding people.