Seamico Expands Investments, Diverts Attention From Brokerages

Seamico Securities Plc (ZMICO) is diverting attention from their stock brokerages to focus on investments in consumer healthcare, lifestyle goods, food, and drinks instead.

Competition in stock brokerages have been intense lately but Seamico wants to direct its investments on other funds. According to sources, the company wants to increase income and acquire attractive capital gains. Four to five deals are already in the table with the possibility of pushing through this year. For the first quarter, Seamico’s goal is to close at least one.

The Chief Executive of Seamico, Chaipatr Srivisarvacha relayed the news, explaining that each deal will cost an average of 50-200 million baht.

In a statement, Mr Chaipatr expressed how the success of Seamico in 2016 has enabled the diversification. He said, “After announcing impressive earnings in 2016 with almost 300% growth from the previous year, the company’s business plan for 2017 is focused on direct investments in companies with growth potential from high value-added products and services offered to young people.”

Seamico currently has stakes in various companies including Advance Finance Plc and Finch and Partners Asia Co Ltd. These two companies are in the field of marketing and branding. Advance Finance may be listed on the Thai Bourse anytime in the coming two years. Despite successful ventures in these investments, it has not been all growth for the financial securities provider. Seamico has recently exited from an investment in Beacon Offshore Co Ltd. late in 2016.

2017 had a good start for Seamico, however. It had closed a deal to get a 46% stake in Scentimental Thailand Ltd., a company which is famous for owning the exclusive license to develop, sell, and distribute perfumes that are named and sometimes created by Thai celebrities.

Scentimental Thailand is expected to expand into other branches of the health and beauty industry. One such expansion includes skincare cosmetics. The company may also grow to establish businesses in other countries.

Seamico will remain in the brokerage business despite these new investments. A proof of this is its recent joint venture with Thailand’s second largest bank in terms of asset, Krungthai Bank (KTB).