Tax to the Max: Countries with the Highest Tax

Tax is a word that many people see as a burden, especially the working class. It is everywhere. Every move you make is taxed. You do your grocery shopping and there is tax. Eat out at a restaurant and there is tax. Your monthly wage for your desk work is taxed. Starting a business is taxed. If you try hiking on a mountain, there is environmental tax. Even staying at home, you are taxed because your house is mortgaged. Anything you do is taxed.
However, although it burdens most of us, some people have it better, or worse, depending on your perspective.
Highest Taxed Countries
1) Belgium
Keep calm and drink tea while you do your taxes. Western Europe has taken the top spot of the highest tax in the world with Belgium imposing a record 54.9% average. As per research of economists, Belgium has recently been experiencing a higher rate of employment. It’s economy is not doing so well too that’s why its government is compensating by increasing its taxes.
2) Finland
Opposite of what’s happening in Belgium, Finland’s unemployment rate is low as its economy is growing. Coupled with its high tax rate of 46.6%, Finland is slowly gaining its place in the world’s best economies.
3) Germany
Not far behind is Germany’s 45% average tax rate. Similar to Finland, Germany is going strong despite its high taxes. With its high taxes, Germany is able to provide high social security.
4) Denmark
Denmark also prospers at a marginal tax rate of 44.4%.
Taxation across the globe differ depending on the countries process of prospering growth. It is profoundly expensive to run a country thus the burden falls to the working class. With all the other factors that still need to be considered such as war, politics, resources, education, military, healthcare, etc., it is no wonder some nations need to tax more while others can afford to tax less. Taxes are essential to keep a country afloat.