The 6 Best Financial Apps for Your Phone

There’s no more denying it: smartphones have taken our lives. From instant messaging to instant documentation, from mapping out the world to mapping your daily schedules, from paying bills to paying for online merchandise, from reading books to reading movie reviews for a film that you watched in the very same phone, smartphones have certainly revolutionized our daily lives.

And one of the area which technology has dramatically improved in terms of service and experience is the financial management. Nowadays, you can pay bills, transfer money, and even purchase online products through your smartphone. However, smartphones aren’t labeled smart for no reason. It turns out, you can do even more with your phone to also be smart with your money. Here are ten useful smartphone applications to take advantage of.

1. Retail Me Not
Retail Me Not is a phone application that instantly calls up coupons and/or coupon codes for major retailers which you can use for online shopping. It is user-friendly and simple in design so you always have a discount on your online purchases.

2. Award Wallet
For frequent travellers and credit cards users, Award Wallet will help you track credit card rewards, hotel points, and frequent flyer miles. By having a convenient record and summary of your existing rewards, points, and coupons, you can easily take advantage of purchases, discounts and promos.

3. is a free budgeting app that keeps tabs on your bank accounts, credit cards, and other expenses. By incorporating your financial accounts in one place, you’ll get a better picture of your financial health.

4. Shop Savvy
For the shopaholic in you Shop Savvy offers a quick and easy way of comparing prices. The smartphone application can scan barcodes of items in a store and quickly compare prices online. This way, not only do you see if a purchase is worth it, you can also lessen impulsive buying.

5. Gas Buddy
Gus Buddy is a handy application for car owners as it uses satellite locators to pinpoint the nearest gas stations to you including their current prices. You also get points for reporting gas prices which you can use to redeem rewards.

6. Swagbucks TV
A great addition to your financial apps is the Swagbucks TV app. By doing what you already are typically doing in on your phone, you can earn real money. Connecting to the an online Swagbucks account, you can watch up to 50 videos a day and profit just like that.

Nowadays, having a smartphone means having the means to better your life. Use it to your advantage and try these apps. Granted, not every one of them will suit you, but that’s the beauty of it. You have the power to customize your smartphone into a gadget that will help you not only in communication and entertainment, but more importantly, in finance.