The Forex’ Dominance in 3 Simple Points

People around the world looking for a place to invest their money have plenty of options nowadays. They can enter the traditional stock market for company shares, hire a fund manager to create a portfolio for them, or even trade contracts for commodities from gold to wheat.

The most popular choice today, however, is the Forex where millions of individuals from around the world make trades that amount to more than three trillion dollars each day. No other market even comes close to matching the daily turnover of the Forex, which is probably because no other market offers the same level of profit opportunities and ease of use.

If we had to to explain why a budding trader should choose the Forex over any other financial exchange in 10 minutes, this is how we would do it.

More Profits for Less

The abundance of online brokers have made competition for new clients so fierce that it is now possible to open an account with a deposit as small as $50, making it available to a larger demographic.

If you’re concerned whether trading with a measly $50 will actually net enough profits to be worth the time of studying and analyzing, don’t worry because you have leverage. With leverage, you can open positions up to 200 times the size of your deposit, meaning that your $50 will actually act as $10,000 multiplying your profits by 200 times as well. With these mini and micro accounts that only involve risking a small capital, there’s no reason to not try the Forex out.

Trade as You Will

Forget about deadlines, curfews, and closing times. The Forex is open all day for majority of the week, meaning that you can make trades according to your own schedule, no matter the time. Plus, with trading platforms now modified to work just as well in mobile phones and tablets, you can do it wherever you have an internet connection.

A Library of Knowledge

For beginners and experts alike, there exists a massive amount of materials covering basic tutorials, creating advanced strategies, how to take advantage of automatic trading signals, and several other tools that make trading significantly easier and  more profitable. There’s no need to enroll in seminars or special courses because all the information you need to succeed can be found by doing a simple search online and by trying it out for yourself on the Forex.