The Top Banks of 2016

2016 is a year predicted to be a tumultuous year for the world market and the global economy. And keeping your finances secure during these times is a priority and responsibility that should only be trusted to the most reliable banks.

Now, before you go on a practiced spiel about how banks are evil and only taking advantage of the common people through excessive fees and complicated processes, there is an equal amount, if not more, of advantages that banks have to offer.

Such and products and services that banks give their customers include accessibility with the numerous branches and ATMs across the world, low interest rates for loans and compound interest for savings, online banking for your daily needs such as paying bills, managing finances, and purchasing stuff. Banks have an organized system that customers can take advantage of if they handle their money right. You just have to find the bank for you with a good reputation and great service. There are so many out there to choose from and to help you narrow down your options, here are some of the best banks that we’ve found for the year 2016 according to as regulated by the FDIC.

Wells Fargo
Wells Fargo is the best bank of the year 2016 according to experts. The multinational banking and financial services holding company takes the top spot on the list of best banks to trust this year because of its innovation and reach. It has the most number of US branches at 6,200 across the United States. It also offers a very wide range of financial services and products including loans, deposits, investments, and online banking.

Great Western Bank
This year’s list of best banks to trust in wouldn’t be complete without Great Western Bank. Customers of Great Western Bank find themselves enjoying amazing benefits such as no checking fees, a 0.15 percent APY CD, and a comprehensive array of financial services including deposits, loans, insurances, and investments. The only inconvenience you’ll have is the exclusivity of all of its 158 branches which are located in the West and Midwest area only.

HSBC Bank is a British company that was established as a multinational bank that offers various financial services. Customers that don’t want the hassle may opt for HSBC’s checking account. It is also an affordable bank with a reputable name with its Basic Banking account available at only $3. They also offer more features by availing of the Premier and Advance Checking services. These offerings have both credit cards and savings account options.

US Bank
US Bank is a financial institution that is a diversified financial services holding company. It is one of the good banks for this year because it offers a lower checking fee than many banks at $6.95 and it has CD rate that is higher-than-average at 0.10 percent APY. Besides these features, US Bank also offers various a wide array of financial services such as credit cards, auto loans, mortgage loans, and deposit capabilities.

Bank of America
The Bank of America boasts of an estimated 5,100 banking centers and 16,300 ATMs all over America. This means that customers can conveniently transact anywhere, anytime giving the people the accessibility the they need. Moreover, BofA is the nation’s leading financial institution second largest bank holding company. This is already something to be confident with. However, BofA has a $12 checking account fee which is one of the highest among the best banks to trust this year.