Three Easy Ways to Increase Your Investment by Twofold

When investors hear the phrase “double your investment”, most of them will think it’s a scam or an exaggeration. However, it is really possible, just not in the instant way that everybody wants but which is most of the time, illegal. This is why we’ve made a list of legal and authentic ways to increase your investments by twofold.

The most legitimate way to double assets is by using time and tested investment strategies. The traditional way of investment has so far proven that this way is the most reliable among the methods listed here. Because it incorporates time and well thought-of planning and researching, investors will find that doubling your money is literally, only a matter of time.

Investors that follow the traditional way should invest on a diverse, non-speculative portfolio containing blue-chip stocks and investment grade bonds. It is highly unlikely that your investment will double in value within a year but rest assured it will get there in time.

Baron Rothschild, one of the most prominent figures in the financial scene, once advised to “buy when there is blood in the streets, even if the blood is their own.” In this method, you will be antagonizing other investors and risking your own.

The theory is that you must buy when everyone is going the other way. Unlike in many strategies where they tell you to go with the trend, the antagonist way will likely cost you more in case things don’t go your way, but it will reward you better than the conventional way of trading. This is because it is natural for companies to experience pitfalls and the fickleness of the traders who are conservative or afraid of a little loss actually creates a stock that is undervalued. By buying this undervalued stocks, you have more chances of profit when the company performs well again. So, for those who stay, it is a relatively easy way to earn more investments for yourself. Just don’t overdo it and find the right opportunity.

For those who crave more action and who would choose to risk it rather than stay idle and wait for their money to grow, then go the speculative way. Admittedly, greater risks are involved but with bigger risk, there are bigger payoffs. To follow the speculative method, you can opt to choose from options, margin, or penny stocks.

Stock options are easy ways to speculate on a company’s stocks. By simply trading puts and calls can be easy to predict especially if you have a know-how of the industry that you’re going to bet on. In margin trading you can either buy on margin or sell a stock short by borrowing money from a brokerage house. This extra leverage can quickly multiply your profit but be warned that these methods are in the riskier side of investment so be careful. Meanwhile, penny stocks are stocks that are worth as it says, a penny. Using bargain hunting and skillful pursuing, these pennies can quickly turn to dollars and amass you a sizeable wealth if you persevere and be smart in choosing the companies here. Remember their value.

There are many ways to double your investment in the finance industry. Just remember that there are no shortcuts. Either you are willing to wait for your money’s growth or you work hard for it. Keep learning and researching and maybe in the near future, you can be one of those success stories of investors that doubled their money.