Three More Thai Scams You Need To Know To Keep Your Money Safe

In a previous article, we discussed some of the most common scams in Thailand. [] This time, we continue our enumeration of these scams.

The culture-rich nation is one of the most popular tourist spots in Asia for its vast natural scenery and wonderful traditions. It also helps that it is one of the most affordable places to got to. However, this amazing place is unfortunately home to some of the most ingenious scams. Because of poverty and corruption in the country, locals are forced to find more ways to earn money even if it means taking advantage of tourists.

For you to enjoy your stay in this incredible country without the worry of losing your money on scams, we are exposing more of them. Be vigilant and know the trickery so you won’t be a victim.

While we are not denouncing the beauty and the brilliance that is Thailand, it doesn’t hurt that you know the tricks so you don’t fall for them.

Thai Girl Scam
Many foreigners find their one true love in Thailand. And why not, Thailand is home to some of the most beautiful women in Asia. However one must know that a famous scam there also involves falling in love. The Thai Girl Scam is when a foreigner falls in love with a local girl, commonly a Thai bar girl. They spend the few days in blissful joy. When the foreigner returns to his home country with his heart full of love, the Thai girl meanwhile is dating the next foreigner. Not only will your heart get broken, your wallet will also be emptied. This is because long distance relationships are common between the foreigner and the local girl. The foreigner will keep on sending money with the hopes that the Thai girl will stop working at the bar. Most relationships end in misery.

Travelling Scam
So you’re excited to go and explore Thailand. Your online itinerary says that the cheapest way to get to your destination is by using the train. You go to the train station only to be stopped by someone introducing himself as an official of the State Railway of Thailand. He pretends to help you and even brings you to a local travel agent to supposedly book you to the next train out. And then you find out that the train is full and the next best thing is the way more expensive bus. This is the Travelling Scam. The supposed official has just made commission by booking you on a bus instead of the train which is not full at all.

Drinking Scam
So you’re in Thailand ready to party the night away with your friends and with drinks on your hands. You find a bar and here you are put under the Drinking Scam. This trickery involves you ordering and ordering beers and other alcoholic drinks thinking that the price is a bargain. You are invited by a local inside a bar promising cheap drinks. When the party is over and the bill is in your hands, you’ll find yourself paying for more than you were promised. Some of the bars here even put extra orders that you didn’t know about. The lesson here is to be aware of the price at all times.

Avoiding scams in Thailand is easy if you’re alert and cautious. Don’t be discouraged to experience the amazing country that is Thailand.