Top Three Reasons Why You Will Never Be A Millionaire

Unless you were born into it or you have stumbled upon it with your gargantuan luck via lottery or you’re a really talented person using entrepreneurship or hollywood chops or record breaking passion, chances are you are not a millionaire and will never be one the way you are now.

Now, to be able to take a tour of the world in your cruise ship while clinking wine glasses with your friends and eating french cuisines whose name no one but the french chef can pronounce, you would have to be pretty amazing or extremely lucky.

No offense, but chances are you will never be a millionaire in this lifetime and here are the reasons why.

1) Wealth Illiteracy
You flat out don’t understand how money works other than the buy and sell concept. Beyond what school taught us of the basic money matters such as adding and computing for change, there is so much more you need to know such as the following:

- How do you invest money?
- How is money made?
- How do you determine the real value of money?
- How do you keep money safe and preserved?
- What affects the value of money?

2) Discontinued Learning
As previously stated, learning is everything but this is not only about money. You must continue your education from university to the real world. Schooling doesn’t need to end within the campus. This discontinued learning is one of the main culprits as to why many of us stay well below the millionaire status.
Many of us are hindered from schooling further because of work, according to most of the people. It has become a common excuse that because we are making money in order to live out everyday from one paycheck to another, we don’t have time to spare to attend classes or read a book or learn a new skill. We are simply too busy.

However if you really want it hard enough, to become a millionaire, then you’ll have to manage your time more wisely because chances are, the reason that you don’t have time to learn new things is because you yourself do not want to make time for it. The knowledge and skills you’ll learn are essential to your journey towards the millionaires club whether you realize it or not. By learning more and more, you’ll see the world in a perspective that uniquely yours, you’ll see opportunities previously hidden from your ignorance, and you’ll know more about life and will be more ready to make decisions and face problems.

3) Too Much Expenditures
Besides the lack of knowledge, another sure way of sealing your fate in the non-millionaire team is by spending too much. Whether you earn $50,000 or $5,000 or $500 a month, chances are, you are spending them to the lifestyle you are able to afford. That’s why no matter your earnings, you are more or less broke at the end of every month.

It is true money can’t buy happiness but happiness will surely come way easier if you don’t have any financial problems.