Weird Ways to Make Money

Building a business is an endeavor that depends on a lot of factors. One of them is having the capital to fund your business. Another one is making sure that your business location is accessible to customers. Having good employees or dedicated staff to ensure that your business is well supported is also a must. And of course, it is essential that whatever product or service that you are selling, it must be in demand and you have a lot of supply of.

For the following businesses, they banked on the fact that their business is unique enough to conquer the monopoly of their market. But be warned, the uniqueness of these business may have catapulted them to financial success but they are also unique for a reason. Not much people go into these kind of businesses because they are simply too unique to the point of bizarre. And the people who patronize them are as equally unique as them. See what you think of these bizarre business ideas that are working.

1) Road Kill Beer
BrewDog is a company that turns road kill into a taxidermic bottle holder. A bottle of beer is wrapped in the carcass of some poor animal that got run over earlier that day. It really brings a new meaning to recycling. The owners of BrewDog make their own ale that has 55% more alcohol content than whiskey and vodka which is then wrapped in their signature road kill cover. Cheers to that!

2) Head Lice Remover
It’s kind of an odd job because it involves pest that live in your head but, you know, somebody’s gotta do it. Head lice are serious health problem that is unhygienic and could potentially lead to diseases that are much worse. So as early as now, if your child has lice, contact a head lice remover as soon as you can. The Lice Place is one of the most famous ones which is located in Texas.

3) Watch Me Eat
Get rich by just eating food. It’s the dream job right? You eat and your pockets magically fill with money. This is one of the newest trends among the weird fetishes of the internet. Korean woman, Park Seo-yeon is a professional eater. She streams her meals and people pay to watch her eat. And it’s a lucrative business with Park reportedly earning as much as $9,400 monthly according to Reuters. By just taking videos of herself eating meals roughly three hours a day, she gets to earn more than most professional people.

4) Memorial Reefs
Can’t accept the fact that after death, you would be buried six feet under? Do you want to be cremated but don’t want your ashes carelessly scattered above mount everest or under the cherry blossom trees or over the pacific ocean? Then why not become a reef ball? Eternal Reefs Inc. will do just that for you. Your ashes will be balled up and then laid to eternal repose at the bottom of the ocean where you’ll become a part of the ocean’s ecosystem. Not a bad way to rest in peace though.

5) Doll Hospital
For some people, their toys are as real as humans. They too, have feelings and they too get sick. Doll hospitals are repair shops that specializes in the restoration of any toy into its prime condition. So few doll hospitals exist because nowadays, most people outgrow such things and just buy new ones. However, for those people that treasure their toys, doll hospitals are a crucial place. You can find doll hospitals easily over the internet.

It really doesn’t matter what business you’re into. If it makes you money and it isn’t illegal then why not, right?