What 3,500 Thai Baht Can Buy You Around the World

3,500 Thai Baht is roughly equivalent to 100 US dollars and while it seems like a steep price, it can afford a lot of things across the world at varying levels. This is because while 3,500 baht is equivalent to 100 US dollars, it has a different purchasing power depending on where you are. That’s even if you do remember to check on the exchange rates, it might still surprise you that what costs as cheap here could be so expensive abroad. So what can your 3,500 buy you? Check them out below.

3,500 Baht in Thailand
Let’s start, of course, in Thailand itself. 3,500 baht can get you about 6 pieces of real Thai silk. This is because each piece can price up to 600 baht. Real Thai silk is a commodity famous to tourists as it is made from high quality silk and created using a meticulous process. For 3,500 baht, foreigners can go on a full day of activities including tuk-tuk rides, a try at exotic food, an authentic Thai massage, and a visit to macaque monkeys.

3,500 Baht in India (6,786 Indian rupees)
Thailand’s co-Southeast Asian country, India, is a nation famous for their local bazaars. The home of rich textiles and fine jewelry, it is where your 3,500 baht can go the farthest. Go to a nearby bazaar in the city and hone your haggling skills. For 3,500 baht, you can already get a bunch of clothes, jewelry, pashmina shawls, shoes, books, scented products, and a taste of their unique cuisine.

3,500 Baht in Paris (90 Euros)
The city of love is also the city of culture and fine dining. Spending your 3,500 baht here won’t get you much stuff but at least you can immerse in their rich history and get a taste of their popular pastries. A Paris Museum pass is valid for six days and will get you in front of the line of the most famous museums in the world including Notre Dame Cathedral, Arc de Triomphe, Palace of Versailles, Orsay Museum, and Louvre Museum will cost you approximately 2,700 baht. The rest of your money, you can use for buying all kinds of pastries during that six-day stay.

3,500 Baht in Dubai (371 United Arab Emirates Dirham)
Dubai has recently boost into top of the world to become one of the most expensive city in the world. Your 3,500 baht can only afford you one of the following items: a pair of pants, a pair of shoes, and a dinner date meal. While it’s relatively expensive here, you can still survive by cooking meals at home and refraining from buying any unnecessary items.

The value of money is always changing that’s why, as much as possible, you have to appreciate the things in life that are free.