Why You Should Say Yes to A Credit Card

The rise of credit cards have been a boon and a bane to a lot of people.
Some found it easy to transition from cash to credit. Purchases were paid by simply swiping a card, discounts were earned from charging to credit, and reservations booked by using credit cards. For some, it has been a dream, making life easier it seems.
However, for some people, credit cards have become a demon from hell. There are a lot of stories regarding credit cards that has put the life of a person on the line. And this is true. Debt upon debts that can’t be paid with interest rates eating up a person’s salary until nothing is left. Credit cards can either be an angel or a devil.
For you, who haven’t decided whether to get one or not, here’s a list which might just help you decide.

Why You Need A Credit Card
1) It is easier to arrange for travel reservations such airfare, hotels, and car rentals. The hassle of taking care of travel plans is cut down by having credit cards. Instead of having to worry about sending cash or going to travel agencies and enduring the traffic and whatnot, having a credit card will get rid of the long process and instantly do the job for you.
2) It grants better financial security as it deals with money that you haven’t technically spent yet. Compared to cash and debits which are once spent is gone forever, credit cards give you the opportunity for a financial shield. For example, a purchase was fraudulent, you can easily report this and no money will be taken from your credit card.
3) Getting a loan for a car or a house is much easier if you have a good credit history. What lenders look for in loaning money is the fact that you can pay back the right amount on time and the best proof is good credit score.